8 Ways To Wear Cargo Pants The 2022 Way

Back in the mid-2000s, I owned a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch camouflage cargo pants that I absolutely loved. They were from the mens’ department and perfectly worn in with thick ties at the ankle — and the pockets! So many pockets! But after a decade-long vendetta against the baggy, shapeless pant — in 2019, I told my sister that the khaki cargos she packed for a trip to Africa probably shouldn’t be worn for anything other than a safari — I'm once again contemplating which multi-pocket style to purchase and what to wear with said cargo pants now that they're back in style.  

Jeans make for a nice entry point to the cargo trend; they're an easy, familiar starting point to work from. Choose a pair with lots of pockets and flaps, in a fit that’s slim — but not skinny. A feminine puff-sleeve blouse and statement heels are the perfect pairing to offset utilitarian denim.


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