Sophisticated yet Chic Print Coat & Jacket -Nabz Saad

Sophisticated yet Chic Coat & Jacket

A Little Something for All Four Seasons

It seems like only yesterday I was enjoying the sunshine beaming down on me – but alas, the bright and cheerful summers have come and gone – leaving us with longer nights, delicate little leaves and a misty atmosphere that’s just as alluring as it is mysterious.

Luckily, autumn has brought with it a brand new and romantic trend in the form of bold prints. 

Our autumn-exclusive Mara Print Collection has been unveiled to celebrate the start of the new season. To prepare your wardrobe and set the mood, we’ve assembled our freshest prints – from dresses to jackets and accessories – making your wardrobe flourish with bright and beautiful tones, as the leaves continue to shed and change colours. 

Being an African native with European husband and family, I have always enjoyed integrating an amalgamation of both cultures into my pieces. Keeping that in light, I decided to craft coats and jackets that exude the signature boldness of my prints, while still being conservative enough to be worn at the office and after-hours.

I am absolutely stoked about this new collection and here’s why:

The Hadeel Coat and Loubna Duster Jacket– Patterns to Electrify the Soul

When I was busy choosing an appropriate print for the Hadeel coat and Loubna duster jacket, the first thing that caught my attention was the electrifying pattern. I just fell in love with the multi-coloured blends of the print.  

Ruffle Loubna Duster £120.99

Nabz Saad - Ruffle Loubna Dusternabz Saad - Ruffle Loubna Duster

It’s immense fun pairing them up with your daily-wear jeans or a simple solid-pencil skirt, or even a dress. I also went with a floral liner that would accentuate each coat in unique ways – making them dramatically different and eye-pleasing, when compared to your average coat and jacket at the local mall.  

I must confess: I’m a huge fan of green and blue, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons why this was a relatively easy print to shortlist for my next collection. I absolutely adore the beach coat pattern that’s evident throughout the print – making it a highly appropriate choice for not just autumn, but all four seasons.

It’s such an easy and straightforward way to show your holiday spirit in style, isn’t it? Honestly though, who wears Christmas sweaters anymore? Be the change that drives new trends!

I also totally love the fact that this print has such a wide and varied selection of colours, making it beyond perfect for autumn.

The Hadeel coat has a real tribal feel to it, which faithfully retains the African print origins. And since the print is so vibrant and eye-catching, I decided to keep it simple and retain much of the original pattern. If you pair it up with a graphic tee, it’ll stand out even more.

The Loubna duster jacked boasts a very feminine vibe, thanks to its flower pattern. You may not be a pink and green person, in which case, a combination of red and blue with bits of brown would be really fun to wear during the holiday season.  

Hadeel Coat £120.99

Nabz Saad - Blue Print Hadeel Coat

Throw a flirty graphic tee underneath, along with your jeans, for an extra fun and sassy vibe!

These coats and jackets can, of course, be worn over your everyday office wear, helping you break away from the same old work wardrobe flavour. 


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