Our Ethical Sustainable Product

Every single product has an impact somewhere. That's why our mission is simple; we want to empower women one piece of clothing at a time.


We are very considered in our approaches to what we do. To us, it means choosing the morally correct way of doing something and we apply this to everything we do. This includes the fair treatment of our team, paying above living wages and a safe work, inspiring environment. 

Transparency is important to us. We want you to have information so that you can make an informed decision about how to spend your hard earned money. 


As fashion designers we have implemented our responsibility into the very initial design thinking stages of our product creation.  

Pink Cycle Pants - influx Brand

We keep our designs in line with the desires of our consumers, because we believe access to ethical options without having to sacrifice your sense of personal style and self expression is fundamental. 

Made to Last

Creating garments that are made to last means two things; quality and timeless aesthetic. We are passionate about finding the best fabrics, production processes and finishes to keep garments lasting as long as possible. 

Production Process 


      Pre-orders allow us to build up a quantity of orders and then produce in bulk lots. This ensures minimal waste as we are able to maximise the fabric usage across the multiple garments. We do this to produce only what is ordered, matching our supply to the demand.  

      Ribbed Black dress-influx Brand

      Pre-order takes longer – the styles aren’t instantly available – but we are able to dramatically irradiate waste by producing only what is actually ordered.  


        Read-to-wear garments have been produced in small batches based on sales results. We have carefully selected garments that are selling well so that we are producing only to meet near future demand (only ever holding 1-3 months worth of stock. This allows us to ship these garments more quickly to customers who are pushed for time whilst simultaneously reducing waste by having limited quantities produced.  

        Luxury Womenwear clothing-influx brand

        What is slow fashion?

        To us, it’s when garments are thoughtfully designed and produced in a considered way. We are not rushing to get the products made in mass to get the lowest prices. We are not pushing for lower prices and higher quantities to quickly sell the garments and move onto the next thing.

        Every product we sell has been considered to ensure we are making something of benefit.  


        Responsible sustainable fabric choices to us are fabrics that we have visibility on the supply chain so that we can better understand the process the fabric has gone through to be created. All our fabrics are sourced in London, UK.  

        Luxury Women's wear Fashion - Influx Brand

        We have to be very selective about the fabrics that we choose. We want to select fabrics that tick a few boxes for us;

        • responsible in their production
        • ethical process used to create the fabric
        • never use animal products
        • they are soft and comfortable on the skin
        • they are durable and long lasting in quality
        • they can be used in our designs
        • that they will have a positive impact during their use
        • that they will have a positive impact in their afterlife
        • have the ability to be ordered in small batches (some fabric mills have minimum order volumes of 1000 metres or more and when we are making to order we simply don't need this much fabric)
        • are affordable 

        Oftentimes fabrics can be £30+ per metre and a typical garment may use 1.2 to 3 metres of fabric. This means £45+ cost of fabric alone, before taking into account labour cost, packaging, overheads and shipping. This could result in a garment needing to be priced at a minimum of £95 - £150 to cover the cost alone, before profit is factored in. Some of our garments sell at £57... so you can see it makes things tricky.  

        Wear, Care, Repair

        We want you to get as much use out of your garments as possible. We recommend that you take special care of your garments. We will do everything we can to create clothing that lasts and we hope you'll find ways to take good care of the clothing to ensure it lasts even longer. 

        Learn & Grow

        There is always loads to learn, we are pro-active about finding solutions to improve everyday. We also value your feedback and input. If you have any suggestions for us please get in touch info@nabzsaad.com