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A Romantic floral Print Affair

My love for fashion combined with the passion for exploring different cultures inspired me to dive in search of the perfect prints that will transform the meaning behind the contemporary fashion trends.

The quest for the pieces of cloth that can tell a story is the most pleasant one. The hours upon hours spent browsing for the ideal fabrics always find a way to transfer me into a different world, in a different lifetime altogether. Those journeys to a parallel reality and centuries-old traditions that first originated on the Asian continent inspired the latest designs in my collection.


When I touched the Indonesian inspired wax print for the first time, I knew that this fabric deserved to be the centerpiece of my new collection. I bought it and rushed home, inspiration flowing. Line after line, curve after curve, a dash of colour and the dress that I saw every time I closed my eyes the past couple of months, was in front of me, with the fabric lying near, waiting to be modelled.

My vision quickly came to life. The dress could not have come out better! Classical model, with a modern feminine yet sexy twist. The gown shows the diversity and the beauty of the multicultural combination of prints and design. It explains everything that Nabz Saad is working so hard to achieve – merging cultures and incorporating them in the modern world while following a unique and creative approach giving every woman a statement piece in her wardrobe.

I decided to give the dress the name it deserves – Jakarta African print shirt dress! It is a combination of both worlds, brought into life in modern London. A love at first sight – that what this dress is. I kept the shapes simple, adding an easily detachable belt to show off the waist, combining it with a front button. The beautiful pattern of the dress and the stunning African print were cut a specific way to put an accent on the ageless beauty of the batik print. The sleeves were designed 3/4 giving a gentle feminine touch. The two side pockets provide a dose of casual and easygoing feeling, while at the same time staying ladylike.

I enjoyed being behind the scenes during the photoshoot. Seeing how my idea came to life never ceases to extort happiness out of me! Contentment is contagious, you see. Everyone on the set was taken by the euphoria, producing impressive results, showing the dress in all its glory.

 And then when I thought that it could not get any better, the DA SPLIT happened! A little leg action to add a dash of flirt to spice things up.  

The Java print dress combined with a pair of black heels and matching clutch for more edgy feeling, or a combination of beige stilettos with a small purse for a day look makes this dress a perfect choice for different types of occasions. The youthful feel combined with the classic cut makes this dress the ideal timeless piece to have in your wardrobe.

Hope you enjoy this number as much as I do! If YES, why not show them how it’s done with our African print Shirt dress collection! Please Share 💕   


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