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Zendaya braids Hairstyles

Trying to pick a favourite Zendaya hair look is like trying to pick the tastiest flavour from Crumbl Cookies: we can't, and we won't. We've seen the mononymous star wear everything like flowing locs, a lob (and then a faux bob), copper-red hair, a curly shag, and her natural hair. She has definitely earned the title of ultimate beauty chameleon, telling Allure, "my style is not to have one." Still, we can say with confidence there's one look that makes us swoon every time, and that's Zendaya's braided hairstyles.

In an InStyle cover story, Zendaya touched on one of her major style inspirations, braids and all. "I take a lot of style inspiration from my grandmothers," she told the publication. "I have old pictures. [Holds up photo of grandmother.] Look at her. This monochromatic high-waist pant and top. Her hair was in these braids, and she has a little pump on. It's just so cute. She had seven kids and always looked phenomenal."

When it comes to this protective style, Zendaya doesn't play favourites. Box braids, cornrows, micro braids, goddess braids, braided ponytails — you name, she's tried it. She's dressed up her braids for movie premiere red carpets and down for events like Beautycon and her own street style (more on those ahead) to prove braids are as versatile as they are stylish. One thing is clear from Zendaya's braids: she clearly favours length. Some of her braided hairstyles extend all the way down to her midthigh, which is no easy feat for the 5'10" actor.

While we're on the topic of difficult tasks, we sorted through all of Zendaya's past beauty looks — and there are a lot of them — to pull out the top braided hairstyles she's ever worn over the years. Scroll through for the best of Zendaya's braids, and if her past beauty evolution has taught us anything, we feel confident saying these are just the beginning.

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